Living Inside Out

February 16, 2020
What is going on inside a person manifests externally in actions.

The first in a series of messages from the Book of James explains how we can take steps in the right direction to live a life of genuine faith.
Guest Speaker, Elaine Maxwell, presents the covenant blessings to those who have believed in Christ.

Two Tents / Two Paradigms

January 12, 2020
How do we find a closer and more intimate relationship with God? Which of two paradigms, Tent of Meeting or Tabernacle, as presented in Exodus 33:7-11?
The account of Peter's denial clearly teaches that there is always a new beginning in life no matter what happens.

A New Start

December 29, 2019
                      Guest Speaker, Cecil Cowie's, message about Nicodemus and "rebirth" from John chapter 3
Pastor Tom Peachey Jr's final message in the 2019 Advent Series

Peace in War Time

December 8, 2019
Second in Advent Series
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